Saturday, 10 July 2010

NOTD: Essie Van D’Go


I convinced myself I didn’t need Van D’Go when I first saw it, but after seeing it on Lollipop26 I caved! I refuse to pay the ridiculous UK retail price for these, so I headed over to enchantedbeautyspot on ebay for a little 3 polish haul (I picked up Chinchilly and Mink Muffs too!).

The pros?

  • I absolutely love this colour. It’s a bit brighter than I expected, but it’s a gorgeous milky peachy pink. Perfect for spring/summer.

The cons…

  • This stuff is awful to apply. It took me three coats to get a decent even finish. I was trying to go for 2 thin coats, but the first coat went on insanely streaky, the second and third coats covered the streaks but then ended up looking a little bumpy and uneven. Thankfully the Seche evened it out a bit, but the whole process was hard work!
  • As much as I love this colour I’m not entirely sure that it suits my NC15 skin tone. It’s definitely a colour that would look fantastic with a tan.


  1. I love the color of Van D'Go but I am with you about it being a bit of a work to apply. The color is gorgeous though so it's worth it xx

  2. Too bad it applies streaky :( Loving the shade though :)

  3. @Ansa

    It is a gorgeous colour, I'm just going to have to practice at it!

  4. @*Peonies and lilies*

    Thanks :)

  5. @The Beautifier

    It is lovely, I just wish it was easier to work with!