Wednesday, 7 July 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Tea Rose

Confession time – this isn’t what I’m wearing on my nails at the moment! That honour goes to Essie’s Van D’Go which arrived in the post yesterday and promptly wound up on my nails immediately :) But I’ll blog about that tomorrow!


This is the Eyeko Tea Rose polish ('”for Country nails”!) which I was sporting last week (I’m a little behind :)).

I can’t quite decide about this colour. It is pretty, kind of a dusky blue based pink, but there was just something about it I wasn’t quite sure about. To be honest, I think the main reason I bought it was because I like the name! The formulation of this wasn’t the best, it’s a bit too thick but that can be solved with a bit of thinner I suppose. On the plus side it’s very opaque and one coat would do the job. There’s a bit of tip wear in the photo, which was only taken after one day of wear, but it had taken a bit of a bashing at work!

All in all, decidedly “meh”!

There is a new Eyeko nail collection due out sometime this summer which I’m looking forward to. I’m loving the look of the Rain polish and I’m glad to see Pastel making a comeback!


  1. This looks amazing!
    I don't actually own ANYTHING from eyeko!
    But i think this is going to be the first thing i do get :)

  2. @..R May A..

    Thanks! Eyeko have some nice stuff. Free delivery is always good too! My fave polishes from them are Vintage and Posh, I'd definitely recommend those :)

  3. Lovely colour :) I'm tempted to try Eyeko polishes! xx

  4. This is a lovely color. So pretty and summery. New follower xx

  5. @Olivia

    Thanks! Eyeko do some lovely colours. Think they've just come out with some new ones too!

  6. @Ansa

    Thank you :) I wouldn't say this was a favourite, but it definitely is a lovely colour!