Monday, 12 July 2010

Zebra NOTD

The Essie came off at the weekend, and on went this bit of tacktastic fun :)
Holographic rainbow zebra print using my new m57 plate. Inspired by a video I saw on youtube. So so tacky, but I love it! I thought The Boy would hate it, but apparently it’s too ridiculous to hate :)
The index finger is the only one that seems to have printed properly. The fourth finger is totally botched! I somehow totally misjudged where my nail actually was and managed to miss both ends of the nail with the stamp. I tried to restamp the tip with a little extra stripe, but my total lack of spacial awareness shone through loud and proud and I stamped it in the wrong direction! Doh. Lesson for next time: don’t be lazy and try to restamp, fill in the missing stripes with more polish and a nail art brush. The holographic polish also washed out the definition between the pink and the purple stripes, but ah well.
© The cast of characters:
- Barry M in Turquoise
- 17 Lasting Fix in Parma Violet
- Barry M in Strawberry Ice-cream
- 17 Lasting Fix in Orange Soda
- OPI Standing Room only
All topped off with the zebra print from the Konad m57 plate in the black polish.
It’s quite ridiculous how happy these nails are making me! Over the top colourful 80s tack! Definitely to be repeated. They remind me of My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms :)


  1. @Café Bellini

    Thanks! It was fun to do :)

  2. I love this so much. Absolutely gorgeous xx

  3. That is SO very cool.

    I'm having a new giveaway:

  4. @Ansa

    Thanks! It was pretty fun to do :)

  5. @susies1955


    Thanks for the link too. Looks like a great giveaway, I'll definitely check it out soon. Good luck to your son!